Over 450 Attend Paradise PFA Kid’s Fishing Event

Today's children are tomorrow's tournament leaders.

Stuart Richardson | June 21, 2006

Since 1991 Tifton Kiwanis have organized an annual kids fishing event (KFE) with Paradise Public Fishing Area (PFA) located near Tifton between Brookfield and Enigma. Registration began at 7:30 a.m. on June 10, 2006 as children 15 years and younger gathered with families to experience a good, fun, outdoor adventure.

Event chairs Alfonzo McCalley, Mike Taylor, and DNR coordinator Noel Jackson couldn’t have planned a better day for fishing. The sun rose a little before 6 a.m. and continued to shine brightly throughout the event.

The event saw 205 youngsters registered the morning of the event, and of those, 22 reported being first timers. The children fished in the three “Kids Only” ponds and caught lots of nice fish giving big smiles to many excited faces. Along with fishing, children also had the opportunity to participate in casting contests.

Although this was a kid’s fishing event, over 450 total were in attendance. Parents watched and helped take fish off hooks for those who weren’t as anxious to touch fish.

Noel Jackson of Wildlife Resource Division stated, “The most important part of the KFE was the children being able to have a good time with the family.”

Fishing and contests subsided as the smell of grilled hotdogs filled the air. The sun began to tire even the most eager participants as everyone prepared for steaming hotdogs and ice-cold drinks. Alonzo McCalley called out names of door-prize winners as lunch was served. Sixty rod-and-reel combos were given away as well as many other hats, T-shirts, and various sports equipment. This ended the event leaving all participants anxiously awaiting their next opportunity to experience the outdoors.

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