Legacy Outdoor Ministry Camp

The perfect opportunity to learn about God while enjoying the great outdoors.

Jordan Davis | May 29, 2015

At how many outdoor camps can you learn about Jesus while also participating in some of your favorite outdoor activities? Not many. That’s why Kyle Woodfin, of Alamo, thought it would be a great idea to start a camp that offers just that.

Legacy Outdoor Ministries will be hosting three camps over the summer. The first one is the advanced boys camp held July 5-10. Kyle finds it best that they separate the boys and girls camps, and also advanced boys vs. boys beginners. The advanced camp offers the same activities, but they up the overall skill and challenge aspect. The hunting skills taught during this camp are also a little more challenging.

In the beginners camp, the Georgia Hunter Safety Course is taught.

“With the advanced camp, we assume the members have already taken the course,” says Kyle, “plus many of the boys came through our beginners week in previous years, and we know they have it.”

Kyle states they only offer the course for girls every other year due to repeat campers and not having enough girls to offer two weeks each year.

The week-long camps are held at a lodge in Wheeler County that can house 20 camp members. Activities are similar with each week of the camp minus some slight changes that are made due to size, age and physical abilities.

The campers are often carried on a day-long fishing trip, however, this year they are doing something a little different. Instead of a day-trip to go shark fishing, it will be an overnight trip. Chuck Gaskin at the Dorchester Shooting Preserve in Midway helps set up the boats and guides to allow for the fishing trip to happen.

“Our first goal is to use the camp setting in the midst of God’s Great Creation to bring our campers into a vibrant and growing relationship with God through His Son Jesus Christ,” says Kyle, describing the importance of the camp.

Another goal is to pass down outdoor recreation skills that many of the youth are not getting the opportunity to experience.  He hopes that through this experience they will develop new hobbies that will last a lifetime.

To allow for more attendees, Kyle keeps costs down, so all can afford to come, and some scholarships are available for those who need help. They also follow up the camps by offering father/daughter and father/son deer hunts in the fall, along with an adult/child quail hunt in the winter.

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