February 15 Deadline To Sign Up For WMA Turkey Quota Hunts

Knowing how many priority points to use will help when trying to earn a spot on one of these WMAs.

Brad Gill | February 3, 2017

Feb. 15 is the last day for hunters to apply for 2017 WMA turkey quota hunts—both the general quota hunts and adult/child hunts.

A listing of this year’s quota-hunt choices are on page 38 of the February 2017 issue of GON. These are the same choices you’ll see when applying online at

While a few of these hunts require zero priority points (PP) to be drawn, others require several years worth of PPs before being selected. The toughest general WMA quota turkey draw for the 2016 season was the River Creek WMA hunt, where it took a minimum of six years worth of PP to be drawn for their mid April hunt. The next most popular hunts were Di-Lane (April 1-7, three PP), Clybel (April 17-23, three PP) and Rum Creek (April 17-23, three PP).

To see a complete listing of these lottery odds, view WRD’s Quota Hunt Selection Odds Table. Even though the heading says “Lottery Odds – Turkey 2015,” they are odds from the 2016 hunts.

If you only want to go online and earn a PP so that you can use them down the road in order to gain access to the more difficult WMAs, you can apply using zero PPs.

Adult/Child Quota: Thirteen WMAs or PFAs will host a youth turkey hunting opportunity in a quota environment. In order to apply for one of these, the youth must have an online username and password when going to the WRD quota-hunt system. Adults must accompany the child on those hunts but can’t do the shooting.

To see a full listing of last year’s WMA hunter and harvest information, refer to the February issue of GON.

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