Yonah Invitational Turkey Calling Championships

Sanctioned NWTF Grand National qualifier is coming to the 2021 Ag-Pro GON Outdoor Blast.

GON Staff | May 25, 2021

People attending the Ag-Pro GON Outdoor Blast this August will have the chance to hear—and rub elbows with—some of the best competition turkey callers in the nation.

The 1st annual Yonah Invitational, a sanctioned NWTF Grand National Qualifying event, will be held in the LakePoint Champions Center during the Blast.

Outdoor writer Donald Devereaux Jarrett and John Browning, of Pistol Creek Outdoors, are organizing the event with an eye toward making this one of the most prestigious turkey-calling contests in the nation. The Southern Company has already come along as a sponsor, which helps guarantee some great payouts to go along with trophies and the coveted berths to Nashville to compete in the NWTF Grand Nationals.

“We are going to have five divisions, plus owling,” Donald said.

Here are the divisions along with some details on each:

• Poults Division: any age up to 10 years old; free entry; trophies for first through third.

• Juniors Division: ages 11 to 15, $30 entry; trophies for first through third.

• Hunter Division: any age as long as caller has never won an Open or a Friction competition; $40 entry; trophies plus for first through third; payouts $300 for first, $200 for second and $100 for third.

• Friction Division: $100 entry; trophies for first through third; payouts of $750 for first, $375 for second and $150 for third.

•  Open Division: $100, trophy, pays one through 3, same as Friction

• Owling: $30 entry; trophies for first through third; payout of $300 for first.

More details to come next month, and you can call Donald Devereaux Jarrett at 706.473.8027.

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