DNR Surveys Georgia Waterfowl Hunters

Going forward, Georgia waterfowlers could be looking at a set closing date of Jan. 31.

DNR Press Release | January 3, 2019

Currently, the state’s waterfowl season must end on the last Sunday in January. This results in a floating ending date between Jan. 25-31.

However, beginning with the 2019-20 duck hunting season, Georgia will be able to select season dates that can end on a fixed date of Jan. 31. This would result in the last day of the season falling on any given weekday depending on the calendar year.

Your input through a DNR SURVEY is valued and needed to help make this important decision.

Here are this season’s Georgia hunting season dates for waterfowl and birds:
Canada Geese: Dec. 8-Jan. 27
Crow: Nov. 3-Feb. 28
Dove: Nov. 22-Jan. 15
Ducks: Dec. 8-Jan. 27
Gallinule & Coot: Dec. 8-Jan. 27
Snipe: Nov. 15-Feb. 28
Merganser: Dec. 8-Jan. 27
Snow Geese: Dec. 8-Jan. 27
Woodcock: Dec. 8-Jan. 21

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