Bobby Bond Receives NWTF Award

This WRD biologist was the first to recognize declining reproduction in Georgia's turkey population.

Jordan Davis | January 27, 2016

WRD’s Bobby Bond was named the Wildlife Manager of the Year by the Georgia Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation.

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Wildlife Resources Division biologist Bobby Bond recently received the honor of Wildlife Manager of the Year by the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF).

The award is given by the Georgia Chapter of the NWTF to recognize a WRD employee for their efforts at managing for wild turkey, raising public awareness of conservation and wildlife management issues, improving wildlife habitat and increasing hunting opportunities.

“Because of Bobby’s knowledge and experience, he was the first wildlife biologist to take note of a wild turkey reproduction decline in the state,” said David Wamer, State Chapter President of National Wild Turkey Federation. “Thanks to his initial work, a multi-state research group was created to address this issue.”

Bobby is assigned to six WMAs in central west Georgia. He is committed to improving these areas for wildlife, hunters and other users. His work on these public lands as well as his extensive research will benefit the state for years to come.

Bobby’s original findings about the low reproductive state of turkeys brought up a little controversy.

“We were the first state to document the unusual finding about their reproduction process and why the overall wild turkey population was dwindling,” said Bobby.

It took quite some time from 2005-2012 for his documents to be accepted in different science and wildlife journals.

“We feel that Bobby’s efforts in the wild turkey arena and his work on our public lands are the essence of the NWTF mission of ‘Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt.’ We are proud to recognize his work,” said David.

“Although one of the toughest researches I’ve done, this was a great finding for us turkey hunters,” said Bobby.

For information on the Georgia chapter of the NWTF, visit For information on turkey hunting in Georgia, visit .

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