“Big Brow” Dooly County 18-Point Buck

A 15-year-old downs Big Brow, one of the most impressive bucks of the 2014-15 Georgia deer season.

Daryl Kirby | December 23, 2014

One of the most impressive bucks killed in Georgia this season was an 18-point Dooly County deer that has total inches galore and brow tines that don’t quit. The buck, appropriately named “Big Brow,” was a family effort. It was shot by Scott Kirbo, of Atlanta, on Nov. 8.

“My dad, uncle and I have been dreaming about this day since we began seeing pictures of Big Brow this summer on our trail cameras,” Scott said. “We had a friendly competition over who would get this once-in-a lifetime deer.”

All three were in their Dooly County stands Nov. 8.

“It was a cold and still morning. The conditions were perfect, and we were in the middle of the rut,” Scott said. “Although the conditions seemed perfect, the morning had been slow, with only a couple does showing themselves. I was getting impatient. All of a sudden, I looked up and saw Big Brow standing in a food plot about 150 yards in front of me. I quickly raised my gun and shot.

“Big Brow stumbled to the ground and then trotted off of the food plot. He went behind high brush, and I thought I heard him crash. I sent a text to my dad and uncle that I had just shot Big Brow. My dad was hunting nearby and walked to my location.

“My uncle was on the other side of our farm but was heading over to help. After my dad and I searched for 20 minutes, I got a sickening feeling that Big Brow was gone forever. All of a sudden we heard a gun shot. It was my uncle. As he was approaching to help us, Big Brow jumped up in front of him, and my uncle finished him off. I may not be able to take 100 percent credit for Big Brow, nor may I be able to participate in the Truck-Buck Shoot-Out, but this hunt was a great experience and team effort.”

GON hasn’t heard a green-score yet on Big Brow, but no doubt, regardless of what the rack nets, the total inches will be very high.

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