Benny Briggs Wins 2006 Georgia State Turkey Calling Contest

GON Staff | February 1, 2006

Master turkey caller Benny Briggs of Harlem is the winner of the 2006 Georgia State Turkey Calling Championship.

The calling contest was held January 21 at Unicoi State Park in conjuction with the annual convention of the Georgia Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF).

The Georgia-state win at Unicoi goes onto a long list of calling contest wins for Benny, who was named the World Turkey Calling Champion in 2001. In 2003 he was judged the winner of the Realtree Grand Nationals in Perry.

Benny Briggs, of Harlem, Ga. a former World Turkey Calling Champion, won the 2006 Georgia State Turkey Calling Championship.

In the 2006 state contest, Doug Benefield of Newnan placed second, and Joe Drake of Fortson placed third. Both Doug and Joe are former state-champion callers. Doug won the state championship in 2004, and Joe has won the contest an unbelieveable eight times — most recently taking first place in the 2005 contest.

In the Dixie Classic contest, Doug Benefield took first place, followed by Joseph Mole of Louisville, and Joe Drake took the show position for the second time.

Phillip Grove of Greenville, Ky. was the winner of the Intermediate class for callers 16- to 20-years old.

Perennial winner Dakota Russell of Gainesville won the Juniors class for callers 12- to 15-years old.

In the Legacy class for callers under 12 who have no prior wins, Danielle Sexton of Gainesville was judged the winner.

The Georgia Chapter also makes an annual “Officer of the Year” award to the DNR Law Enforcement officer judged exemplary for his turkey enforcement and education work. This year’s recipient was RFC Joseph Hilton of Willacoochee who work Coffee and Irwin counties.

DNR Law Enforcement Ranger Joseph Hilton (left) receives the Georgia Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation’s “Officer of the Year Award.” Presenting the award is Georgia NWTF Board member Chuck Langford.

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