700-Pound Bibb County Hog!

Raines Newberry | November 26, 2010

Saturday, Nov. 6 started out as a typical deer hunt and ended with the biggest kill of my life.

I set out with hunting partner Josh Cannon, and we headed for our private tract of land in south Bibb County. We were going deer hunting and knew it would be a good morning with the recent cold front that had moved in.

Raines Newberry, of Macon, said he’s killed plenty of pigs on his Bibb County hunting land, but nothing compares to the size of this giant boar.

We each saw some does from the stand, and I killed a 100-lb. boar before getting down at about 10 a.m. After checking a couple of other stands, we headed back to the truck on my Honda 4-wheeler.

As we rounded the bend in the road, I saw the biggest hog I have ever seen standing in the road. I slammed on the brakes and started hollering for Josh to shoot him. As he was loading his gun, the hog walked off the edge of the road and into some grass. Josh then pulled the trigger, and the hog wheeled around a bit confused as to where the shot came from and started running down the road toward us.

By this time, I had uncased my Remington .308 and had loaded two bullets in the gun. I squeezed off a shot and dropped him in the road. As he was fighting to get up, I shot a second time. At that point, I let Josh know I was out of ammo and that the hog was still trying to get up. By that time the hog had turned itself broadside but only had its back legs under him.

Josh had chambered another bullet in his 7mm mag and fired at the huge hog once again. The hog went down and continued to flail for about five more minutes before dying. As he was making his last kick, we just looked at each other in bewilderment. We could not believe this monster was on our land. While we have killed many hogs over the years, we have never seen or killed one of this magnitude. Once we got to him, we were even more amazed at the girth of this boar and the size of his tusks.

Then it hit us. How were we going to load this thing and get it back to town? We knew nobody would take our word that we had killed an estimated 650- to 700-lb. hog. We ended up using the 4-wheeler winch cable to pull him on the trailer.

We then carried him to Thomas Deer Cooler in Bolingbroke, where he was hoisted off my trailer with a chain and a John Deere tractor. The hog bottomed out a 500-lb. scale.

Since Josh and I both had bullets in him, we both enjoyed splitting the credit for the kill. A typical Saturday deer hunt turned into a extraordinary hog story that will last a lifetime.

Raines (left) and Josh Cannon both put bullets into this hog.


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