Combat Wounded Vets Enjoy Outdoor Experience

Richie Green | February 19, 2024

Kenny McCrimmon welcoming the heroes to the hunt and going over the rules.

American heroes who served our country enjoyed some time in the Georgia outdoors recently thanks to the generosity of an outfitter, volunteers and the Warrior Bonfire Program. Once again Kenny McCrimmon showed out for veterans with another benefit shoot for them at Sawblade Outfitters on Sgoda Road a few miles east of Macon. Kenny and his wife and crew go all out to try and make the lives of these guys a little bit brighter through a weekend of hunting that includes quail, duck, hog and pheasant hunts. And I think they succeeded by the looks on their faces when we were carrying water and shells by their stands. And the food was great, too, I might add.

There is no way we can understand what these veterans have to deal with when they get back from protecting our freedom, a freedom that most people take for granted these days. Unless you are in the medical or law enforcement fields, you can’t imagine even a little of what they go through in their heads. Some of the stories I heard were too horrible to even wrap my mind around. These guys gave so much of themselves to make this country what it is. Some saw their brothers die right in front of them while they only got hurt, so they stayed there to fight when they healed up to honor the ones who couldn’t come home to their families. 

Some of the scars they have can’t be seen, so you’ll never know if you’re standing beside someone who put their life on the line just for you or me. But I guarantee they have a sense of pride you and I will never know.

The Warrior Bonfire Program provides opportunities that improve the lives of enemy combat-wounded veterans—Purple Heart recipients—on their lifelong journey of recovery and healing. “We create activity-based, small-group retreats that foster healing, build support communities, and tranform lives,” the organization states.

Thank you Sawblade Outfitters for giving back to these Heroes of the real world and helping them forget what this world can do to them. Please book a hunt with Kenny and his crew for a good time so he can continue to help these heroes in the future.

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