70 Hogs Killed In Drive By

This aggressive approach to hog control in Texas could be one to consider on Georgia farms in areas with large agricultural fields.

Brad Gill | September 26, 2018

It’s not a newsflash that feral hogs seem to be taking over some parts of the country. Here at home, the most common complaint continues to be from farmers in south Georgia who say they are tired of the extensive damage done to their crops by these destructive rooters.

Hunting kills a few, and trapping seems to rid a chunk of them, but hogs tend to get trap wise. Could there be a better way to get the hog population knocked back? Is there a more aggressive approach that could work?

Ultimate Night Vision released some Texas footage where they killed 70 hogs in a night using a vehicle and a shotgun loaded with buckshot and a laser device.

Ultimate Night Vision out of Fort Worth, Texas stocks and distributes night vision components as well as complete systems for retail, wholesale and government agencies. If you’re in the market for some night vision equipment, put these guys on your research list.

The company totes themselves as being, “fanatical night hunters and night vision enthusiasts. Night hunting is not only our pastime, but a gateway to understanding our customers.”

Parts of this technique isn’t completely foreign to Georgia farmers. GON knows of some Sumer County Hog Hunters who have employed vehicles and lights to knock out big populations of hogs after dark. However, this group, known locally as the “PHAT Hogs,” has a special permit from their local Game Management office to shoot hogs from a moving vehicle. Anyone wanting to try this sort of hog hunting will need to reach out to their local WRD Game Management office to receive a permit.

If you don’t have access to hogs or property, and you’d like to try night hunting for hogs with thermal imaging equipment, Hog S.W.A.T. offers this service in southwest, Georgia. They charge $500 per night, and clients sit in the comfort of their 4X4 van and ride around big farms viewing a monitor screen before ever stepping foot on the ground. Once hogs are located, the nighttime spot and stalk will begin. Hog S.W.A.T. supplies everything the client needs, and says they have an 85 percent hunter-success rate for clients who book a one-night hunt with them.


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