Wood-Duck Conservation Day Puts Kids To Work Building 127 Duck Boxes

Hats off to the Henry County Committee for hosting a wood-duck box building day.

Jeff Scott | March 1, 2007

Forty-five kids participated in the 2007 Kids’ Wood-Duck Conservation Day, and they put together 127 boxes.

The GONetwork’s Henry County Committee and the Henry County Water and Sewerage Authority (HCWSA) held their second-annual Kids’ Wood-Duck Conservation Day at the Cubihatcha Outdoor Center on February 10. This year’s project exceeded all expectations and was a great success. Close to 100 people turned out, and 45 of those were kids.

After a brief discussion about wood ducks and why projects such as this are important, the hammering started. When all the kits were assembled, 127 boxes were ready to be installed!

This just goes to show what kids can accomplish when given the opportunity. There is no doubt that these boxes will have a positive impact on wood-duck populations, but more important is the experience and memories the children took away from this day. Any event that can get a child outdoors working with their mom or dad helping wildlife is rewarding enough.

Madison Carter, 9, of Hampton puts together a wood-duck box with her dad, Chuck.

Volunteers installed the boxes on Gardner, Upper Towilaga, and Tussahaw reservoirs.

Our committee thanks George Mazzant, owner of McDonough’s “On the Square Gun & Pawn.” For every child who helped build duck boxes, George donated a $50 gift certificate to On the Square Gun & Pawn in appreciation for all their hard work.

The distribution of these boxes are as follows: 35 at Gardner Reservoir, 45 at Upper Towilaga, and 10 at the new Tussahaw Reservoir. Due to the hard work of HCWSA and several GONetwork volunteers, these boxes have been erected and are ready for nesting.

The remaining 37 boxes will go to Vulcan Materials to be placed on their various properties across Georgia. In support of future outdoor-education events, Vulcan donated $925 to the GONetwork!

I want to thank the sponsors of this event: HCWSA, On the Square Gun & Pawn, Delta Waterfowl, Vulcan Materials, Williams Bros. Lumber, Pippin’s BBQ and Metro Metal Works. Without their support, this project would not be possible

To the kids and parents who attended and built 127 wood-duck boxes, congratulations on a job well done.

Adult volunteers Jeff Scott (left) and Stuart Galbreath help a pair of boys.

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