18 Kids Enjoy Outdoor Time In Chattooga County

Calvary Children's Home Visits Camp Kieselburg for a weekend filled with outdoor activities.

Jordan Davis | June 10, 2015

For the last 10 years, Steve Uritsky, of Cloudman, has allowed kids from the Calvary Children’s Home in Powder Springs to travel to his property in Chattooga County for a weekend of outdoor fun. Two of Steve’s friends, Mark Cannon and Allen Brown, also help make this event possible.

Brian Busby, campus director of the children’s home, takes approximately 18 kids to Steve’s hunting club. Kids range in age from 7 to 17 years old.

Steve owns 53 acres on Lookout Mountain and leases another 1,400 acres around it. He provides the group a place to stay, cookout and just simply enjoy the outdoors for a few days at Camp Kieselburg.

The children enjoy two days of canoeing, fishing, riding 4-wheelers, visiting old Indian caves and much more. After they have participated in all the activities set up for them, the group enjoys some free time exploring the property.

“The children are all from different backgrounds. Some have lost parents to death, and some are disadvantaged in other areas,” said Brian. "This provides opportunities for these kids that other children normally have.”

The outdoor weekend originally started out as just boys, but soon the girls realized they could enjoy it, also. Steve says now girls get one floor of the cabin, and the boys get the other.

Brian and the Calvary Children’s Home are grateful for everything Steve and his friends do for them.

“Steve, Mark and Allen do some remarkable things for our children,” said Brian. "They sacrifice money and time to make the event so special. Any child would love this opportunity, and our kids are just the lucky ones that get to do it.”

Brian and his staff strive to show their children that through God’s grace many people care for them. This is a special tradition that the kids will remember throughout their lifetime.

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