1997 Cobb County Corp Property Pope & Young

Russell DeJohn | December 15, 1997

The weather early in the day was crazy with wind, rain, clouds and sun. I was debating to hunt or not because deer normally bed down in unstable weather, besides I don’t like to hunt in the rain. Seeing that the rain was ending, I decided to go hunting.

I went to an area that I had hunted before on Corps of Engineers property in Cobb County where I saw a nice buck early on during the rut. Knowing this area well, I knew where there were rubs and scrapes being worked. I knew if I could get in the right place that a buck could travel around his scent trail checking or freshening his scrapes or rubs.

The wind was in my favor, so I decided to hunt downwind of his scent trail. I set up my buck scent waffers and then got in my tree stand. I began using my grunt tube.

Russell DeJohn’s 1997 Cobb County bow buck netted 130 6/8 inches.

After about an hour and a half, I saw movement through the saplings about 60 to 70 yards out. The buck was scent checking his scrape with the wind quartering off his back, so I used the grunt tube and got his attention. He was moving quickly toward me, then he turned to my right offering me a clean shot. He stopped, and I let the arrow go, and it hit the mark.

The buck did a 180 as it turned around. Knowing I had made a good shot, I climbed down the tree and retrieved my arrow. I found the buck around 70 yards away expired.


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4150 7/8 Mark Willingham2011CobbBowView 
5150 1/8 Tommy Willingham2010CobbCrossbow
6149 5/8 Hamilton Barrett2017CobbBowView 
7149 Michael Waldrop2000CobbFound
8148 2/8 Martin Meeks2019CobbBowView 
9147 3/8 Kyle Goggins2021CobbBowView 
10146 4/8 Scott Wallace2019CobbFound


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