Georgia Saltwater Fishing Report – January 2007

GON Staff | January 2, 2007


Inshore: December was a good month for spotted sea trout and redfish. With cold weather coming, the trout will feed normally until the water gets below 45 degrees, according to Capt. Judy Helmey. “During these cold times, the trout will take to the deeper holes going into what is known as ‘the hibernation mode.’ However, sunny days causing even temporary warming trends will bring them out to feed more aggressively. Clear water is a trout’s favorite feeding zone, because they are sight feeders. Live shrimp or anything alive placed in their strike zone should get their attention.”

Offshore: The bite for black sea bass is very good on the close-in artificial reefs. Out at the Savannah Snapper Banks, Capt. Judy says there is no slowdown during the winter. “This is one area that doesn’t fall under any sort of season closure. We have the same bottom fish lurking all year. The Gulf Stream bite both trolling and bottom fishing is good as well, just wait on a calm day to make the run.”

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