Letters To The Editor – November 2017

Reader Contributed | November 1, 2017

Watch All Your Deer Stands For Rattlesnakes

Dear GON,

On Saturday, Sept. 23, my family and I were at our family hunting camp in Warren County. My father-in-law, Ray Mosley, myself and my son-in-law, Cory Dimler, went to repair some stands and replace the ladder on the stand pictured.


I climbed up to begin removing the steps, and when I looked inside the stand, I found a 5-foot rattlesnake curled up in the chair.

James Calvert, Bethlehem

Editor’s Note: What a great warning for hunters to look closely inside all your deer stands before entering.



It’s Been A Great Ride

Dear GON,

I got my renewal notice in the mail and decided not to renew, but it’s not because I don’t like GON.

The timber companies, insurance companies and the commercialization of anything outdoors is beyond me. The deer can’t live off of pine trees, so they move on. The timber companies have priced the leases out of a working man’s reach. DNR allows half the state to bait and not the other for the same-priced license.

I’ve started saving my money to hunt the Midwest where you see more deer in a week than you can on a lifetime in Georgia. Thanks for a good ride!

Russell Cavender,

Ranburne, Ala.


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