Letters To The Editor: May 2023

Reader Contributed | May 1, 2023

This makes you wonder why turkeys can be so hard to kill. This White County jake spent a few hours pecking at his reflection in the bumper.

Crazy Jake Turkey

Dear GON,

I heard a noise outside about 9 o’clock on Monday, March 27. It sounded like somebody knocking on my garage door. I looked outside and saw a jake turkey pecking at his reflection in my truck bumper. He was apparently quite upset that there was another turkey that looked just like him, and this went on for several minutes.

Of course, being four days before the season opens, it was just a little frustrating. He came back two days in a row and picked at my truck. At one point, I got my turkey call out and stood 20 feet away and aggravated him with that, and he did not know what to make of it.

More Advice On Getting Deer Out Of Woods

Dear GON,

I liked the advice and comments in John Trussell’s “Deer Down! Now What?” article on about transporting your downed deer out of the woods. I use a two-wheel cart to bring mine out. Here’s a tip. When you roll up to a downed deer, turn your cart upside down and strap it to the deer. Especially if it’s a buck, have the head toward you for transporting so the antlers don’t drag and get damaged or hang up as you move. By leaving the deer flat on the ground and attaching the carrier securely to it upside down, all you have to do is roll them both over together and start pulling. No lifting required and it sure saves a lot of effort loading it on your carrier. One person can do this if the deer is tied on good. Try it next time and you will be convinced. 

I use a generous length of rope wrapped around the cart to tie it on, and this piece of rope is a permanent part of my cart.

Also, as an old geezer, I use my deer carrier to haul in salt blocks or a sack of corn and even my climber. That little two-wheeler can make your life easier if you use it.  

Alton Powell, Chattahoochee Hills

John Rankin, White County


I Trapped A Raccoon! Now What?

Dear GON,

Thank you for the informational on means and methods of trapping. While we all believe in predator control for sure, my question is what are you to do with the raccoon, fox and multiple other predators that are caught? Who buys these furs in Georgia? I do not believe in the sake of just killing and discarding. I think more info would be very helpful in this matter.

Shannon Hart, Toombs Co.

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After a first round of chemo, Neal Johnson Jr., of Thomaston, brought in this 12-pounder from a Taylor County mill pond.

Jerrah Cantrell with a Dawson County tom from April 5 that weighed 23 pounds.

This is impressive! A double with the bows for father-and-son John and Andrew Stanley in Rockdale County.

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