Letters To The Editor: July 2022

Reader Contributed | June 30, 2022

Zach Ingle with his June Coyote Cull entry, thanks to some help from several folks. The yote came charging into a call after dark.

Pre She Ate Cha For The Coyote Cull Entry Help

Dear GON,

Special thanks to Mr. Keith Swinford, of Cohutta, for letting me borrow his GON magazine to take my Coyote Cull entry picture with. Folks don’t forget to renew your subscription or you’ll be trying to find a GON issue that can be really hard to locate when you’re so close to the Tennessee state line. Thanks David Coffee for making this entry into the Coyote Cull possible for me. You’re a great friend and awesome guy. Thanks to the lady at GON for helping me when I was trying to find a June issue of GON so far away from Madison.

Pre She Ate Cha… ALL OF YOU!

Zach Ingle, Ringgold

Bussey Point Oddity

Dear GON,

Thirty years ago, while scouting for our first bowhunt at Bussey Point I spied a pile of critter bones. Having always been curious about such things, I walked over to identify the animal. Scanning the various bones I noticed something odd (pic below). 

Thought the folks at GON might find it somewhat intriguing. 

Terry Lemons, Cave Spring 

Terry Lemons found this deer shoulderbone with a broadhead wedged inside.

Duncan Dobie With Another Outdoor Classic

Dear GON,

The story you ran in GON by Duncan Dobie, “Three Feet From Heaven,” is another classic. What a great person and story-teller Duncan is. Our hats are off to him again. Thanks Duncan. We wait for more!

Hoyt Brown, Murphy, N.C.

GON Social

GON Facebook: Cora Beth McCrary with the Tift County Blue Devil Bass Team caught her first spotted bass on practice day of the Georgia B.A.S.S. Nation State Classic at Lake Hartwell.

GON Instagram: Jake Chastain, of Gray, with a 6.02 shoalie from the Flint River on June 5.

GON Instagram: Michael Cuppett with a big flathead on Lake Sinclair that broke a set of hand-held scales. The big flathead was turned loose so it couldn’t be considered for the lake record. Still, what a great fish!

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