Letters To The Editor: April 2023

Reader Contributed | April 1, 2023

GON Instagram: Adam Lomax, of Cumming, with a Fulton County buck that grosses 170 inches. The deer was recovered a week later after Adam killed it in Sept. 2022.

Wild Dogs Chased Me Up A Tree

Dear GON,

Probably 20 years ago, I was still hunting for deer on private land in middle Georgia. While stalking in the woods, I heard a pack of wild dogs. As I passed into an open area, the barking got frighteningly close. Fortunately, I spotted a small tree and climbed into it, pulling my rifle up behind me. Within seconds, a pack of eight to 10 dogs broke from the woods and circled my tree barking, yelping, and snarling. Several put their paws up on the tree trunk as if to climb. Lucky for me, they couldn’t. 

None wore collars. No one came to the scene, which further convinced me they were wild. I didn’t have enough ammo to shoot all of them, so like treed prey, I just waited them out. Finally, they lost interest and went away.

My second encounter was while turkey hunting. I was moving from one setup to another when I caught movement through the woods. Three collarless wild dogs, ears back and teeth showing slinked toward me. I dispatched one with a round from my 12 gauge, which frightened off the other two.

I am really thankful that neither of these situations resulted in injuries like those described in Mike Bolton’s article. 

The only thing hurt was my pride.

John Ottley, Alpharetta

Matt Schuster, of Warrenton, with a buck he killed with a traditional bow. The Coffee County buck was grunted in and shot November 2021.

Great Job On The Traditional Bow Article

Dear GON,

I enjoyed Drew Hall’s article in the September issue that encouraged folks to give hunting with a traditional bow a try. Shooting a simple bow is not magic and having success is achievable with a little effort. If you are interested, you will find plenty of help among the traditional bowhunting community. When folks enjoy something as much as we do, they are driven to spread the word.

I write this email during September 2022 and already have three mature does in the freezer, and I am not gifted, special or a particularly great shot, but I have learned some easy to learn woodsmanship that gets me easy shots. No corn, no food plots but no judgement either.  I know three trad guys who have tagged bears already and too many successful deer and hog hunters to list.

If you enjoy walking in the woods, and can learn to read sign, you can kill critters with a stickbow. And what Mr. Hall says about finding a mentor is key, but not difficult. Just go to one of the many traditional bow shoots held by the Traditional Bowhunters of Georgia or other groups, and you find helpful, friendly folks who will shove their bows into your hand and encourage you shoot it. Come join the fun—the satisfaction is immeasurable!

Matt Schuster, Warrenton

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GON Facebook: Jacques McIver, of Bonaire, with a slab from Lake Jackson on Feb. 24. The fish was around 3 pounds.

GON Instagram: Candler Oglesby caught this on Feb. 19 on Bartletts Ferry on a chicken liver and a pool noodle.

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