Letters To The Editor – January 2020

Reader Contributed | December 31, 2019

Social Stress Affects Deer Antlers 

Dear GON,

An idea for an article could be the affects of social stress on the deer herd. Research has shows that deer numbers and a higher aged-classed deer can have a negative affect on antler size. 

This is something that I have been hearing more and more about in recent years and have been researching and following. I am seeing some negative affects on our personal farm and have seen some positive affects on another farm I hear about after they have been targeting the older cull bucks hard the last few years.

There are some research articles about this to be found. I wanted to pass along this idea that I think could be beneficial to the more mature property managers in Georgia. Thanks.

James Mock, Tifton

Editor’s Note: This is a great suggestion. We found an informative article by our friends over at QDMA. Google “Social Stress of an Overpopulated Deer Herd.” The article is by Jason R. Snavely.


Last Month’s Editorial On Buck Shaming Created Some Stir 

Dear GON,

I read your editorial-opinion in the December issue on page 114. It seems like everyone has their own opinion about deer hunting.

I am almost 75 and have hunted all my life. Most of my deer were taken by still hunting. I hunt for the meat, not the antlers. My successes are measured in memories and experiences in the woods.

You have a great magazine.

Best regards,

Mike Tucker, Summerville

Dear GON,

I could not agree more with Craig’s article in the December issue on buck shaming. 

I don’t do Facebook or social media, and this is primarily why. I am sick of the sort of garbage from so-called sportsman.

Your magazine is awesome, by the way. I subscribe to several periodicals, but yours is by far my favorite, even though I no longer hunt in Georgia and have not in several years.

Keep up the good work!

Brian Bish, Easley S.C.


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Great buck and photo from Spencer Miller (@31spencermiller31), of Taylorsville. He killed the Bartow County buck on Nov. 24.


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Avery Whitehead (@adub0613), of Dahlonega, killed this amazing mountain buck in Lumpkin County on Oct. 13.

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