Beginning Of My First Turkey Season

Erika Cochran | March 20, 2019

Turkey season opens this week. What better way to get ready than to do a little shooting and getting comfortable with the gun I would be using?

Shooting in front of others definitely got me out of my comfort zone, as well as filming. Normally, I like to be behind the camera. However, things are changing, and my first video is below.  So, now not only was I shooting in front of only two people… y’all get to see it as well.

Shooting definitely brought on different emotions. I was nervous, excited and nervous. Did I mention I was nervous? It is different shooting in front of family, but in front of other people who weren’t family and who are well experienced was a game changer. I have been blessed with wonderful teachers who let me ask questions, even if they were a tad bit crazy at times. Plus they have been patient and willing to tell me everything I need to know.

Shooting the gun allowed me to learn a little more while refreshing my knowledge from when I went dove hunting two seasons ago. It was definitely less nerve-wracking to aim at a still target versus a target constantly moving. Based off the feedback I received and not to brag or anything, but this girl definitely knows how to shoot. As long as I have the sight lined up and don’t get too nervous, I don’t believe I will have any problem taking down a thunderchicken.

Reflecting overall on that day, it was just a great and relaxing day of hanging out and talking all things turkey. I learned more about the different calls that can be used when turkey hunting, while also practicing with some of them. I’m not sure if my favorite so far is a box call or pot call. It could also be a mouth call once I nail down how to use one.

Calls are not the only thing I learned you need in order to be ready for turkey season. Clothes. Music to my ears because for me that meant shopping. Every female loves shopping whether they want to admit to it or not. They love shopping for something. So for me, I immediately started searching the internet and websites that GON freelance writer Donald Jarrett directed me to.

Oddly enough, I found myself looking at possible new additions to my wardrobe for deer season. Why you may ask? Well, not many of the companies I was looking at had clothes for a woman turkey hunter. I easily found multitudes of pants and shirts in patterns for deer season, but for turkey, it was a struggle. I had very slim pickins’ for what I call turkey season clothes.

As I get more into hunting, I have found it is a very male dominant sport. Some of the turkey hunting clothes I found for women were from brands I didn’t recognize or were in no way a pattern I would ever think of wearing into the woods. The clothes to me were impractical. It would be nice if there were better options for females from the big name hunting brands. I know I saw multiple styles and sizes of pants and shirts that were in multiple patterns for males. It would be nice if it was the same for females.

Luckily, I was able to find the bare minimum I needed to start with for this season in the clothing department. On top of clothes, I have a vest that should arrive as I am writing this, and I just need to purchase a chair. I was advised I would need a comfortable chair, as you never know how long you could be sitting in one spot.

Looking for where this turkey season takes me, and I plan on sharing the journey with you! Good luck to y’all, and make sure to share your photos with us!


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