GON May 2018 Issue

GON Staff | May 12, 2018

Jackson Bass In May With David Lowery
10 locations to find hungry postspawn bass at Lake Jackson.

Helicopter Used For Di-Lane WMA Hog Control
A federal Department of Agriculture program targeted feral pigs at Di-Lane WMA, killing 417 hogs from the air.

Coyotes And Deer, An Unwelcome Relationship
Coyotes are an invasive species in Georgia, and deer must now deal with sharing their habitat with this predator.

Outdoor Kicks & Grins: “The Wabash Express”
The boys build a sled to get to the fishin’ hole faster.

Warm Weather Public-Land Hog And Coyote Hunting
The war on wild hogs and coyote now includes new hunting opportunity in May on most of Georgia’s WMAs.

Gobbling Gallery And Season Update
GON’s Advisors report from the turkey woods across the state.

Monster Browns Of The Chattahoochee
This tailrace trout fishery in the Atlanta suburbs offers the chance at giant, born-and-grown in the river brown trout.    

Small Lake Profile: Houston Lake & Lake Joy
Two lakes that offer change-of-pace fishing in middle Georgia.

Black Guns And Night Vision For Wild Hogs
Here’s an exciting way to knock back the feral pigs!

The Mayfly Bream Frenzy
Find a mayfly hatch this month for fast action and fun.

Eufaula Bass With The Mayor
Jack Tibbs talks May bassin’ on Lake Eufaula.

“The Quest For Blackbeard”
The conclusion of the turkey-hunting fiction series by Duncan Dobie.

May 2018 News

Big Changes With New Lake Lanier Ramp Fees

Key Legislators Block North Zone Deer Baiting

Coyote-Takers Calendar: Think Roadbeds

Tired Lake Set To Open In Grady County

Wild In The Kitchen: Smoked Stuffed Striper

Days GON By: Looking Back At GON Stories
30 Years Ago: Cougars Come To Georgia; State Record Cobia

May 2018 Departments

Letters To The Editor

Fishing Reports

Hunters Journal: Turkey Triple In Peach County

Realtree Kids Scrapbook

Georgia Spy Cam


GON Outdoor Kids: Students Raise And Stock 200 Trout

Kids Outdoor Outpost And Word Search: Hunting Adversities

Tournament Reports: GA BASS Nation High School on Lake Lanier

Game Warden Reports: Marion County Night Hunters; Col. Henderson Earns National Award


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