Tired Lake Set To Open In Grady County

Jarrett Harrison | May 15, 2018

Grady County and south Georgia anglers will soon have reason to celebrate. A ceremony for the opening of Tired Creek Lake to fishing is set for May 25.

Amazingly, the idea for this lake has been floating around since the Roosevelt administration when it was first suggested as a public works project during the Great Depression. It wasn’t until 2014 that a dam was finally erected on Tired Creek, a tributary of the Ochlocknee River.

Viewed from above, the lake has the look of a giant turkey track. It is formed where three minor creeks—the Buss, Sapp and Black—feed into Tired Creek. At full pool, Tired Lake will have 960 acres of fishable water. The lake was allowed to fill slowly, and as a result a lot of organic matter has grown up in the basin, which should provide the fish great cover.

When asked about the fishing, Georgia fisheries biologist Rob Weller said, “Oh my gosh, it will be awesome—a fantastic fishery.”

Lots of shoreline grass and cover, standing timber and submerged structure is already home to some big bass on 960-acre Tired Creek Lake.

DNR stocked the lake three years ago with 50,000 largemouth and 200,000 bluegill, and fish were already in the tributaries. A fish-shocking survey in February rolled a 10.5-lb. bass, along with several 5-plus-pounders and speckled perch over a pound.

DNR stocked another 100,000 bluegill and shellcracker into the lake back in February. Rob said threadfin shad were added for forage, and gizzard shad were already present.

According to Tired Creek Lake manager Mike Binion, there will be three public boat ramps for lake access. There’s a ramp on Gainous Road, one on State Park Road, and there’s a dirt ramp on Cedar Springs Road. The lake will be county maintained, and there will be no use fees for Grady County residents. However, folks who live outside of the county must pay $3 for daily use. Currently there are no permanent bathroom facilities at the ramps.

The lake will have no additional regulations governing its use other that what the state of Georgia requires of all boaters and anglers, except no airboats will be permitted. There is no motor-size restriction.

It’s possible the ramp on State Park Road will not be ready in time for the May 25 opening. For now though anglers are just excited to fish the lake.

“I’m just glad they are finally opening it up. I’m ready to fish,” said Cairo resident Ryan Maloy.

Once finalized, updates regarding the lake and the opening ceremony will be posted on the Tired Creek Lake Facebook page.

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