Grady County Teen Sets Archery Records In Vegas

After setting many records and being the youngest to shoot a perfect score at The Vegas Shoot, you can definitely say Carson has an amazing talent.

Savannah E'Dalgo | March 17, 2017

A Georgia teen has set the record of being the youngest competitor ever to shoot a perfect score of 900 at one of archery’s most prestigious shoots held in Las Vegas.

Carson Sapp, 17, of Cairo, began his career in archery through Grady Co. 4-H, and from there he has set many records, including being the youngest person to shoot a perfect score at the National Field Archery Association’s The Vegas Shoot the weekend of Feb. 10-12.

“The Vegas Shoot is the largest indoor archery tournament in the world,” said Chris Sapp, Carson’s dad. “They actually do the world indoor finals there every year.”

Carson traveled to Las Vegas last month to attend The Vegas Shoot, and it is apparent that he has a talent in archery.

“Carson has actually won Vegas the past two years. Last year he won it in the young adult (division), and this year he won it as young adult pro,” Chris said.

Carson still shoots with Grady Co. 4-H and is a multiple state champion and has participated in the 4-H nationals.

“He shoots somewhere just about every weekend,” said Chris. “He shot the World Cup event in France a couple of weeks before Vegas, and he’s made a world team and shot in the World Indoor Youth Championship in Turkey last year. He’s gotten to a point where he’s pretty much traveling the world now.”

Last year Carson won the Indoor Nationals for USA Archery, and his score is now a national and world record for indoor at his age group.

Todd Cliett, an archery coach for Terrell County 4-H, also spoke very highly of him. Carson shot against Todd’s kids in 4-H for several years, but the high school archers also shot on the Georgia Archery team together as teammates.

“The kid is phenomenal. I’ve been in the archery business for 10 years, and you run across some people who are few and far between, and Carson is just an outstanding kid as far as personality and everything,” said Todd. “He’s setting the world on fire right now.”

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