Wild In The Kitchen: Banded Dove Bombs

Mike Bolton | January 3, 2017

Uncle Tom’s Banded Dove Bombs

Oftentimes in wild game cooking, simplicity trumps complexity. This simple appetizer was in competition with some elaborate dishes and was good enough to win the Wild Fowl Division of the AWF Birmingham Cookoff. If you can’t ever figure out what to do with your doves, this is the ticket. These are delicious.

8 dove breasts

1 quart buttermilk

1 lb. Jimmy Dean Hot sausage

1 can Pillsbury Crescent Rolls

Thinly sliced Velveeta Cheese

Remove dove breast meat from the breastbone. Soak dove meat in buttermilk overnight. Cut dove breast filets into small strips and mix with sausage. Brown mixture until sausage is done. Put in refrigerator to cool. Take a single crescent roll, add a slice of Velveeta cheese and a small scoop of the dove-sausage mixture. Wrap carefully and crimp the edges with a fork to form something akin to a Hot Pocket. Return to refrigerator until ready to fry. Drop in 400-degree peanut oil for about 4 minutes.

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