Wild Game Recipes: Goose Poppers

GON Staff | June 4, 2014

For this recipe,  you’ll need a goose breast, Italian dressing, cream cheese, sliced onions, sliced bell or jalapeno peppers, bacon and toothpicks.

1. Marinate goose breast in Italian dressing anywhere from two hours to overnight.
2. Cut marinated breast into 2-inch thick strips.
3. Slit each strip lengthwise and put cream cheese in the slit.
4. Place sliced onions, peppers on top of meat/cream cheese (You can use bell peppers, but jalapenos are excellent as well).
5. Roll slices with cream cheese, onions and peppers, wrap with bacon and toothpick each piece.
6. Cook on a hot grill for 4-5 minutes. When the bacon starts to turn brown, you are ready to take the poppers off the grill. Note: Do not over cook or the meat will get tough.
7. Serve hot.

You can also try the poppers with jalapenos and Monterey Jack cheese, instead of cream cheese and bell peppers.

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