OxCart Designed To Handle And Dump Very Heavy Loads

Daryl Kirby | February 8, 2023

You don’t see many GON articles about specific products, and this one about the OxCart pull-behind utility cart was a like a perfect storm of unlikely factors coming together with just-right timing. First, I got a call from Todd Dechant, the owner and inventor OxCart. Todd had a cart on display at an Atlanta-area retail store that needed to be shipped or picked up. Instead, he asked if we would like to grab it and put it through some tests and get some pictures. Going to Atlanta for just about anything is typically a hard no, but I was already heading to the Capitol the following morning for some GON legislative coverage, so I arranged to pick up the display model. Only to mine and Todd’s surprise, the display OxCart wasn’t on display, it was still unassembled in a box—a big box.

My aptitude for putting stuff together degrades rapidly based on the amount of parts and pieces and the number of steps involved. Todd and his team deserve a hug—the parts needed for each assembly step were separately packaged. I had the OxCart put together and ready to use in less than 20 minutes, and that was after first assembling the main tub of the cart backwards and having to take it off and do it again.

The instructions, excellent labeling and step-by-step packaging of the parts made our OxCart assembly quick and easy.

The OxCart is available in two tub sizes, 15-17 cubic foot or 12 cubic foot, and each size has some feature upgrades, particularly on tires. The standard models have heavy-duty run-flat tires, which are a far-cry better quality than other utility carts I’ve used over the years. The OxCart we picked up was the PRO-Grade 15-17 Cubic Foot with Run-Flat Tires. It’s also available with ATV-grade Mag tires, or the highest-level has ATV-grade OTR tires. The tires are key because the OxCart is designed to haul very heavy loads—it’s load-tested to 1,100 pounds.

My favorite feature of the OxCart is its hydraulic lift-assist —it’s one thing for a utility cart to be able to handle a very heavy load, but how do you get that load out of the tub? The OxCart tub is locked in place by a lever on the tow bar. When you are ready to dump a load, lift the lever, and then a hydraulic piston allows anyone to lift the tub to dump even the heaviest load. We used it to haul gravel to fill in a low spot on a driveway. My son easily lifted the tub to dump the gravel. The tub can even swivel 110 degrees, which allowed us to dump the load of rock exactly where we wanted.

A lever unlocks the front of the tub and allows for the use of a list-assist hydraulic and 110-degree swivel capability.

We also used the OxCart to haul out several loads of large bucked-up logs from a tree that had fallen on our property. It pulled easily behind a John Deere Gator with no danger of tipping on a hill and rough terrain, and we were able to get the logs out of a bottom that was more than 60 yards from the woods road.

Several accessories are available, including a conversion kit that turns the OxCart into a farm cart/super-heavy-duty wheelbarrow.

The OxCart model we tested retails for $589.98. I’ve used less expensive utility carts over the years, but there is no way those could have handled the load of logs in the terrain we hauled them out of, much less a very heavy full load of gravel that we were able to dump exactly where we wanted.

According to the website, “OxCart was born from the desire to get more out of your ATV or mower, suffer fewer frustrations with the durability of existing pull-behind carts, and allow users to handle and control heavier loads easier and safer. Wasting time and taking more trips by only filling beds half-full because the material was too heavy for the lawn cart or yard cart to handle makes no sense. The dump cart industry has been remarkably stagnant for years. A lack of innovation has lead to bigger products, but not better. At OxCart, we want to change that. We’ve invested time, money, and energy to create a unique product in the market – one that makes even the toughest jobs easier, faster, and just maybe a little more enjoyable.”

OxCart PRO-Grade Stockman Specs

  • Lift less – save your back – exclusive hydraulic lift-assist delivers 300 lbs. upward force – makes handling of gravel, soil, sand, pavers easier to swivel and dump safely with less fatigue to finish sooner
  • Handle full loads – new bigger rugged 15 cu. ft. to 17 cu. ft. tub, which swivels (300 lbs. lift-assisted) 110° for less backing – now greater dump angle at 62°
  • Do more – move heavy loads – load-tested to 1100 lbs.
  • Powder-coat all-square-steel-tube construction – NASCAR mandrel bent axle support for max strength – new pass-thru axle provides 12 in. of ground clearance
  • 4PLY Run-flat tractor-grade Carlisle pneumatic tires with grease zerks to extend tire life – check out the nail test video
  • Attaches to any ATV, UTV, mower with a pin-hole hitch – recommend CURT straight-tongue coupler model 25153 (sold separately) mounts easy for 1-7/8 in. and 2 in. ball hitches and extends your OxCart’s overall turning radius
  • Some parts are pre-assembled, assembles in 15-minutes to 20-minutes
  • Versatile – accessory kit (sold separately) converts OxCart into a farm-grade wheelbarrow (model # GTMS0202)
  • Do more – build instructions included in manual to add wood rail extensions to heap over 17 cu. ft.
  • Proceeds from some of our products go towards rehabilitation, education and research programs for people of all ages who are blind or visually impaired
  • Quality innovative products for sustainable lifestyles that are built to last and reduce landfill waste

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