Kishel’s Has Eliminated The Problem Of Urine Decay

GON Staff | December 13, 2015

The most common problem with quality deer urine is the slow decay of the products due to various bacteria. This slow decay of the urine can often alter its effectiveness and shorten its shelf life, not to mention spooking deer in your favorite hunting areas.

Many hunters will go to great pains to protect the product from bacteria exposure by refrigerating or freezing deer urine. While this will slow the decaying process down, it does not eliminate the real culprit, which is bacteria.

At Kishel’s Quality Animal Scents and Lures, we pride ourselves in producing the highest quality animal scents and lures on the market. Now we have set in motion the most revolutionary deer hunting product known. We have incorporated the use of the patented Weiser “SafeScent Technology,” which treats the urine and removes harmful pathogens, bacteria and viruses without altering its effectiveness.

  • No need to refrigerate.
  • No need to freeze.
  • No need to keep out of sunlight.
  • No need to worry if it’s fresh.

Our treated Whitetail Doe in Estrus “Plus” Deer Urine and Buck in Rut “Plus” Deer Urine will keep working days after each application and works in any weather condition. Shake some of the Scent Granules on the ground in your favorite hunting area, and start driving rutting bucks crazy. Use for making mock scrapes, enhance existing scrapes, laying down scent trails, or just create your own deer bedding area. It’s that easy… no fuss, no mess. Re-apply every time you hunt to keep your hunting site active.

The “always fresh” deer attractant is bacteria free. There is no need to freeze or refrigerate this product. It comes in an 8-oz. shaker.

To find out more about Kishel Scents, visit us at or “Like” us on Facebook. Search for Kishel’s Quality Animal Scents and Lures.

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