Fishmaster Inc. Receives Utility Patent

Innovative Folding T-Top for Center Console Boats is Granted Patent Approval

Greg Spivia | September 29, 2008

Innovative Folding T-Top for Center Console Boats

Atlanta, GA, September 25, 2008 – Fishmaster, Inc. has received official notice from the United States Patent and Trademark Office that all 18 of their utility patent claims have been approved.

Fishmaster was launched in January, 2006 providing the first universal T-Top that incorporated the popular factory design that was previously only found in very expensive, custom made T-Tops. The Fishmaster T-Top has the unique ability to fold flat for storage or fixed bridges and is easy to install. It quickly became the most popular universal T-Top in the market and hundreds of customers have submitted installation photos and rave product reviews that have been posted to their website.

The company has continued their innovation with swivel mount rod holders that can be adjusted to position fishing rods to any location, electronics box, antenna mounts, universal accessory mounts, outrigger mounting brackets and other accessories. The company is developing several new products for both the center console and flats fishing boat markets. Chief Executive Angler, Bill Bierbower, says, “The approval of our patent further validates the incredible market reception to our towers and accessories that have brought so many “firsts” to a market filled with great products.”

Fishmaster’s founder, Bill Bierbower, also founded Monster Tower in March 2003 to provide universal wakeboard towers. The Monster Tower, which was one of the first wakeboard towers that could fold for storage, quickly became the most popular tower in the market with over 10,000 sold in less than four years. The Monster Tower received Bierbower’s first two patents and combined the companies have likely built more marine towers than any other manufacturer.

Fishmaster provides T-Tops that fit any boat and tower accessories that fit any tower. For additional information visit or call 877-777-8693

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