SPYDER Gravity Feeders Brings Bargain To Outdoor Blast

SPYDER's Gravity Feeder Attachments will be offered at discounted prices as part of the 2017 Blast Bargains campaign to bring deals to GON's Outdoor Blast show.

GON Staff | April 6, 2017

The GON Outdoor Blast is thrilled to announce that SPYDER Gravity Feeder Attachments is joining the 2017 Blast Bargains campaign and will be offering their products at a discounted price during the show.

Blast Bargains is a special part of the three-day Outdoor Blast—we’re bringing pre-season deals back to hunting shows. Outdoor Blast vendors will be offering items at special prices, so sportsmen can find bargains while shopping and enjoying the other features and activities of the Blast.

The SPYDER Gravity Feeder Attachment will be offered at a 10 percent discount from the direct price offered through the SPYDER website. At the Outdoor Blast, one SPYDER Gravity Feeder Attachment can be purchased for $89.

“We’ll also offer deeper discounts for volume purchases—15 percent off retail for the purchase of three to five SPYDERs, and 20 percent off retail for six or more SPYDERs,” said John Bosco, Operations Manager for JKL Outdoors.

The SPYDER Gravity Feeder Attachment is an innovative, light-weight and incredibly durable gravity feeder. The unique design is unlike anything on the market, and it’s 100 percent made in the USA. The SPYDER attachment can be mounted to any stationary container. The patented spring-loaded feeder trays allow animals, such as deer and turkeys, to eat directly from the trays without the need to scatter food all over the ground. By putting pressure on the feeder trays as they eat, the spring opens up the flow of food that dispenses from the storage container. Once the pressure is released, the spring snaps closed, cutting off the flow and ensuring that food isn’t wasted.

The feeder arms can be positioned in any configuration to meet the demands of your container and its location. A small lip on the end of the feeder tray ensures that there is no overflow. The tension on the spring and distance the feeder tray travels can be adjusted with a few simple turns of a screw. The feeder trays are positioned at the proper angle so rain water drains directly out of the back of the tray. The SPYDER allows hunters to replace that unreliable electronic spin feeder. With the SPYDER, you no longer have to change batteries or set timers.

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The Outdoor Blast is GON’s annual three-day weekend for sportsmen that features more than 300 vendors with hunting and fishing related products and services. The Blast doesn’t allow flea-market-type vendors who take up space with things sportsmen could care less about.

Come see the SPYDER folks at Booth 216 during the Outdoor Blast.

Along with bargains and new products, the Outdoor Blast offers great activities, including the awesome Gun-An-Hour Giveaway. There are no raffle tickets to buy, just a simple sign-up for all show attendees 18 and older, who want a chance to win one of the guns that will be drawn every hour of the Outdoor Blast. Any free gun is a great gun, but these aren’t just any guns. We will be giving away fantastic, top brand-name guns during the course of the weekend. There are Browning A-Bolt deer rifles, a Smith & Wesson handgun, an 5.56 caliber AR and Glock pistols, just to name a few.

Also at the Outdoor Blast is the Truck-Buck Shoot-Out and Youth Big-Buck Contest Shoot-Out. Winners from last season’s big-buck contests will take part in exciting pellet-rifle competitions on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

2017 GON Outdoor Blast

When: July 28-30, 2017

Where: Infinite Energy Center, I-85 and Sugarloaf Parkway, Duluth, Ga.

Show Times & Dates:
Friday, July 28:  1 p. m. – 8 p.m.
Saturday, July 29:  9 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Sunday, July 30:  10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

General Blast Information: (800) 438-4663 – Ask for Mindy Burns, or e-mail [email protected]



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