Riley Huff Wins 2018 Shoot-Out

A Morgan County buck qualified Riley for the Truck-Buck contest Shoot-Out, and two pressure-packed shots in a row earned him the truck.

Daryl Kirby | August 28, 2018

Sunday at the Outdoor Blast is Shoot-Out finals day, when our big-buck contest weekly winners compete for a Chevy truck and a Beast electric hunting vehicle. This year’s 29th Shoot-Out did not disappoint, as Riley Huff and Jay Maxwell put on a show for a packed crowd after they outlasted the competition to make the final two.

Riley Huff, from the town of Buckhead in Morgan County, is congratulated by Jonathan Megel after winning a very competitive and nerve-racking Shoot-Out showdown with second-place finisher Jay Maxwell, of Monroe. Riley won a new Chevy 4×4 pickup truck from contest sponsor John Megel Chevrolet.

At that point, Jay and Riley were grand-prize winners, but we had to decide who won the truck and who won the Beast. After three misses in a row for both, they both busted the egg in Round 10. In the 11th round, Jay missed, and Riley hit for the second time in a row to earn the truck. From Riley’s vocal cheering section, there were tears of joy and shrieks of “Daddy! Daddy!” from Riley’s daughters.

Sunday qualifiers were already big winners at the Shoot-Out. The five bow season weekly winners earned Mathews Halon bows, and the 11 winners during gun season earned Browning X-Bolt Stalker rifles. That is 16 weekly prizes valued at more than $1,000 each! Plus, the Week 6 winner during the primitive-weapons season won a CVA Accura MR SS muzzleloader with a scope and case, and the wildcard qualifiers all won knives from Havalon.


Jay Maxwell receives the keys to his new Beast 48 Ultimate Hunting Buggy from Tim Moore.

Jay’s wife drove it out of the building to the trailer so they could take it home to Monroe.

Another year of Truck-Buck begins on opening day of bow season. Make sure you have a GON subscription, enter through our simple online form, and then you could be on the Shoot-Out stage next year.

Visit the GON Truck-Buck page for info on GON‘s 30th annual Truck-Buck contest.

Chris Cook lasted until only three shooters remained.

Youth Wildcard winner Jacob Dillard shot great throughout the competition.

The Shoot-Out finals started with 17 weekly winners and four wildcard qualifiers. When the competition was whittled down to shooting at an egg from 30 feet, only six remained (left to right): Chris Cook, Riley Lester, Riley Huff, Jason Yoder, Justin Clack and Jay Maxwell.

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