Putnam County Timber Rattler Gets Taken For Lunch

Chris Sagar got photographic evidence of why so many hunters enjoy seeing black snakes.

Brad Gill | November 18, 2020

Chris Sagar, of Johns Creek, came across something in the Putnam County woods on Nov. 9 that he felt was of interest to our readers. Those of you who despise a rattlesnake, keep reading.

“I was filling a feeder and putting out some Throw & Gro seed mix,” said Chris. “As I was driving out the trail, I saw a round black thing in the trail that was not there 20 minutes earlier when I drove in. As I got closer to it, I could not make out what it was. When I pulled even with it, I put my head out the window to get a close look. WOW was I surprised. A black snake was having a small timber rattler for lunch. I watched for a short time, then left the black snake to enjoy his lunch.”

Chris Sagar is thankful for this black racer. He captured the photo on Nov. 9. Although it’s difficult to see where the black racer’s head is in this photo, Chris watched these snakes for a few minutes and assures the rattler was the loser in this fight.

Chris admitted he’s not “a snake guy,” and simply was glad to see a “black snake” taking care of a venomous snake where he enjoys his outdoor recreation. On first blush, he thought maybe it was a black rat snake, but it turns out the snake was most likely a black racer.

WRD State Herpetologist Daniel Sollenberger said, “I don’t see any keels on the black one, and that along with the complete absence of any trace of a pattern, and the round body shape, says this is a racer instead of a rat snake. That makes more sense, too, since racers commonly eat other snakes, whereas it’s not so typical of rat snakes.”

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Chris Sagar

Chris Sagar is the 4-H BB competition guru who makes the GON Youth Big-Buck Contest operate so smoothly. Chris is a 4-H National Certified Rifle Instructor. Chris leads training sessions for adults who are working with youth in the various rifle programs and is an adult 4-H volunteer in Forsyth County and the chief range officer for 4-H Target Challenge Weekend BB match. For more on the 4-H Project S.A.F.E. program, call your county extension office, or go to

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