Mr. Copperhead, Meet The Kingsnake

GON Staff | August 5, 2019

Chuck Williams, a subscriber from Watkinsville, shared a photo with the GON community that he took with his phone on June 30.

“We live on a tree farm on Oconee-Greene line, near the Oconee River,” Chuck said. “My wife Beth and I were walking three of our dogs—on leashes, due to prevalence of timber rattlers locally. We were on the farm road behind our house.”

That’s when they came across an Eastern kingsnake wrapped up around a copperhead.

“The snakes were already engaged on the roadside,” Chuck said. “The king was tightly coiled around the copperhead and had started swallowing the copperhead head first, although the copperhead was still writhing and struggling.

“I went back about 90 minutes later; and there were no snakes to be found. Either supper was over for the king, or maybe an owl got a double-down meal?”

Thank you for sharing, Chuck. If you see something interesting, get pictures and email the story details to [email protected].

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