NGM Gives Away $15K Kawasaki Mule

GON Staff | October 2, 2018

Who hasn’t filled out a drawing at a show like GON’s Outdoor Blast, and then went about your day and hardly gave the drawing another thought? That was Caitlin Parker, who attended this year’s Outdoor Blast with her husband and her mom and dad.

“We go to the Blast most every year,” said Caitlin, who lives in Flowery Branch and hunts in Hancock County. Caitlin and her crew attended the show on Saturday, and she stopped by the display of Northeast Georgia Motorsports (NGM). 

Based in Hoschton, NGM helps make the Blast happen by being a sponsor of the show, and this year they generously offered a free drawing for attendees of the three-day show, held July 27-29 at the Infinite Energy Center in Duluth. Someone would get a brand-new Kawasaki Mule that retails for $14,999!

“They called Sunday afternoon, and someone said, ‘This is so-and-so from Northeast Georgia Motorsports…’ My first thought was, ‘Why are they calling me?’ I didn’t think about the drawing right away. Then they told me I won, and I was beside myself.”

Caitlin used to consider herself unlucky. 

Not anymore!

Caitlin Parker traveled to the Northeast Georgia Motorsports (NGM) showroom in Hoschton to pick up her brand-new Kawasaki Mule Pro-XFR from NGM sales manager Lee Branton (left) and NGM owner Doug Buchanan (right).

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