Georgia Trappers Convention Is This Month

GON Staff | September 5, 2018

To learn how to trap effectively, the experience of folks who have been doing it is valuable. A great resource is the Georgia Trappers Association (GTA). The GTA will hold its 37th annual convention at FDR State Park, Pine Mountain Sept. 21-22.

Coyotes are an invasive, non-native species that has spread to every corner of Georgia in the past couple of decades. As coyote populations in Georgia have grown and spread, fawn-recruitment rates have dropped and other wildlife have suffered impacts. Some sportsmen who see those impacts first-hand have developed an interested in learning how to trap.

Meanwhile, animal-rights groups like PETA and HSUS have for decades done a great job of spreading anti-trapping propaganda. Trappers have long been wearing an animal-rights bull’s-eye. The reality is that leg-hold traps allow the release of non-target animals, making them an effective tool for targeting predators like coyotes.

The public is welcome and invited to attend the annual GTA convention.  There will be trapping demonstrations during the day Friday and on Saturday morning. There will be a short business meeting for GTA members after lunch, and then an auction on Saturday afternoon. Several trapping supply vendors will be present with a good supply of equipment and lures.

A live trap line will be available to view early on Friday and Saturday mornings.  If you are interested in managing predators on your property to improve your deer and turkey population, this event is an excellent opportunity to get your questions answered and learn how to trap them yourself.  There will be many knowledgeable and friendly GTA members available to talk trapping. 

For more information, contact Josh Hall at (478) 494-6943, or go to

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