Coyote Had Mason Jar Around Throat

There's no telling how long this healthy coyote had been living with part of a mason jar glass around its neck.

Brad Gill | November 29, 2017

Scott Rabon, of Blakely, likes to do his part to protect wildlife on his Early County hunting property by shooting a few coyotes every year. His latest song dog was taken on Nov. 13, but it was like any other coyote he’d ever killed.

“I thought it had a collar on when I first went to load him up, but after looking a little closer, it was a mason jar top, the glass the lid screws onto,” said Scott. “The coyote’s neck was more than twice the size of the jar top. It was on the outside of the skin on the back and deep, deep in the front of the throat. It was a large open wound that I can’t believe wasn’t infected. The jagged edges of the glass were worn smooth from all the rubbing.”
Surprisingly, the coyote seemed to be healthy and fat.
“The amazing part is that its head was three times the size of the lid, yet he was completely healthy. Just goes to show how tough one of these animals can be,” said Scott.
Exactly how the coyote ended up with a jar around its necks will remain a mystery.
“The only logical explanation I can come up with is as a pup, he got his head stuck getting something out. He somehow managed to break the bottom part and lived and continued to grow with the top still on.”
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