The 2021 Ag-Pro Outdoor Blast Is Aug. 20-22

Make plans to attend the outdoor show as we move to LakePoint near Lake Allatoona!

GON Staff | May 3, 2021

The Blast is back! The Ag-Pro GON Outdoor Blast, presented by Georgia Drives Chevy, is a sure sign of a return to normal from a crazy year. And yes, we are still giving away a gun every hour of the show, no raffle ticket to buy.

The big news for the 2021 outdoor show is a move to Emerson near Lake Allatoona. We expect this will be the best-ever Ag-Pro GON Outdoor Blast as we bring hunting and fishing vendors and all the show’s special events to the LakePoint Sports Complex. If you have a youth who plays sports, you likely already know exactly where LakePoint is located. You can see it from right off I-75 just north of Acworth.

The LakePoint Champions Center building is huge, with lots more space for vendors and exhibits. The 2021 Ag-Pro Outdoor Blast will be the biggest ever.

This year’s hunting and fishing show will take place Aug. 20-22.

The 2021 Ag-Pro GON Outdoor Blast will feature hundreds of hunting and fishing vendors offering products and services, and expect to find some great deals as we bring back Blast Bargains for 2021. We’ll be showcasing those special deals in upcoming issues GON and also at

Also at the show will be the Wall of Fame, and Duncan Dobie will be bringing his Georgia’s Greatest Whitetails display, which features some of the most famous bucks in the history of Georgia hunting. Chevy will host a Ride-and-Drive Experience. Other events we are working on include bringing a prestigious turkey-calling contest to Georgia, and we hope to also continue to host the Georgia State Duck Calling Contest during the Outdoor Blast. As always,  GON’s Youth Big-Buck Contest and the Truck-Buck Shoot-Out will be held during the Blast.


Vendor Booths Available

The Ag-Pro GON Outdoor Blast has sold out of vendor space for years, but the move to the LakePoint Champions Center has the show expanding to more than 125,000 square feet. And that means new exhibitors can join this special weekend of promoting their products and services to sportsmen.

For details on exhibitor booth space remaining, contact show director Mindy Burns at 800.438.4663, or email [email protected].

See the floor plan at


Buck Scoring At The Outdoor Blast

Here’s an easy chance to get an official measurement for your Georgia buck that qualifies it for County-by-County and other Georgia Deer Records. Bring the rack or mount to the Outdoor Blast. We’ll have official Boone & Crockett scorers on hand who will be scoring for all of GON’s Georgia Deer Records, including County-by County and WMAs records. Full mounts will be measured. If you are having your buck scored for any of GON’s lists, bucks must net 100 inches.

When you enter the show, look for the Wall of Fame deer wall, and you’ll find the scoring area where you can drop-off your rack or mount.

Drop-off times will be announced.

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  1. Dane Lancaster on May 13, 2021 at 10:36 am

    I’m with Andrew! Somewhere middle of the state would make it a blast for all GON members, not just the ones up north. My family and I went when it was in middle GA and enjoyed it alot! Then it was moved to north GA! Haven’t been able to go since! Can’t go, spend the day, and make it home in a one day trip! Please look into something in middle GA area. We south GA folks want in on the fun too without having to spend alot of dollars to go!

  2. andrewodom on May 4, 2021 at 10:42 am

    You know another great location…… Macon or Perry. You know, somewhere middle of the state the rest of us Georgians can drive to and back in one day. Its a 4 hour drive one-way for me, and I live next to I-75. What about all those in southeast and southwest Georgia? That is an easy 5-6 hour drive, one way, not factoring traffic.

    • Daryl on May 4, 2021 at 11:43 am

      Unfortunately there are very few facilities large enough and equipped to host the Outdoor Blast — we need a 100,000 square foot building with owners who don’t mind lots and lots of guns and love hunting and fishing. We actually started the Outdoor Blast in Macon and gave it four years, but that definitely did not work. The inability to find a suitable venue, combined with the successful show that GWF has in Perry each year, makes it difficult for us to host an Outdoor Blast event in that area at this time. We are always working and looking.

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