Win A Gobbler Dream Hunt With Realtree!

To celebrate the launch of the The Gun Rest and Call Caddy, a reader will win a hunt with Realtree Spring Thunder host Phillip Culpepper.

GON Staff | February 28, 2020

How would you like to win a dream turkey hunt with two of the best turkey hunters in the business on some of the best turkey-hunting property in the Southeast? 

Someone is going to win the hunt and chase turkeys with Phillip Culpepper, the host of Realtree’s Spring Thunder TV, and  Sam Klement, who is with Colosseum Outdoors, co-founder of Country Goes Huntin’ and a longtime contributor to GON.

The dream turkey hunt will take place during the spring 2021 season either in Georgia or Alabama.

The hunt is being offered to a GON reader as a way for Colosseum Outdoors to celebrate the launch of two new products—the Gun Rest and Call Caddy. Currently, these two new hunting products are available through Amazon.

Here’s how the hunt giveaway works. This spring when you have a successful day in the turkey woods, take a picture with your gobbler while showing either the new Gun Rest or the Call Caddy in the picture. Post the picture to social media on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, and tag the following: @realtreespringthunder, @colosseumoutdoors and @georgiaoutdoornews. 

If you post to all three, you will be entered three times! At the end of the season, we will randomly pick one lucky winner to join Phillip and Sam on a hunt during the 2021 turkey season. The winner will also receive some great Colosseum Outdoors and Realtree gear. 

This contest will only be available through GON and AON magazines, so if you get a bird and post a picture, your odds are very good.

Again, all you need to do is bag a gobbler this spring, then post and tag your photo, and you are entered to win what will be a guaranteed good hunt and a good time with Phillip and Sam.

If you do not wish to purchase either of these innovative new products from Colosseum Outdoors, you can still post your photo with tagging the same accounts without a product in the picture. No purchase is necessary to win this hunt, although we would love to see you support these folks who are giving away a great opportunity to a reader of the magazine. 

The Gun Rest allows a hunter to comfortably keep a gun at ready position.

The Gun Rest

The Gun Rest is an innovative product that snaps on your leg and helps to cradle your shotgun. If you’ve had to wait out a slow-to-come gobbler, you know how difficult and uncomfortable it can be to keep the shotgun on your knee. The Gun Rest keeps it in a fire ready position and allows you to work your friction style calls as your gobbler closes the distance. It cuts down on movement that will spook your bird. 

“We are super excited to be launching our new Gun Rest,” said Sam Klement, of Colosseum Outdoors. “I have been using our prototypes for years with great success. I like this product because it truly is a tool. I keep it secured on my hunting vest and then after sitting down I snap this on my leg, put my shotgun in the rest, and I am always ready for a lonesome gobbler that may slip in unannounced. It cuts down on the common occurrence of being handcuffed. It’s hard if not impossible to move a gun up into shooting position on a cagey longbeard.”

The Call Caddy holds 10 mouth calls. It can go right in the freezer to preserve your calls and have them ready to go for the next hunt.

The Call Caddy

The Call Caddy is a very simple way to keep up to 10 of your favorite mouth calls close in a self-closing pouch affixed to a custom Realtree lanyard. It, too, helps cut down on unnecessary movement.

A lucky hunter is going to win a hunt with Spring Thunder’s Phillip Culpepper.

Phillip Culpepper has been using this item during prototype testing.

“The Call Caddy is the first thing I put on around my neck prior to every hunt and hitting the woods,” Phillip said. “I like it because I can simply throw my Call Caddy in the freezer after each hunt, which helps keep my calls fresh and ready to go for the next hunt. You never really know which call will trip the proverbial trigger on a wary longbeard—I love having access to my mouth calls and being able to cut down on my hand movement. 

“No doubt with all the filming and hunting I do each spring, these two products help bring me success during my hunts.”

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