Wilcox County Typical 12-Point Buck Grosses 188, Nets 182

Wade Severson’s Wilcox County buck lands as No. 7 of all-time for Georgia typical whitetails.

Brad Gill | February 28, 2023

Wade Severson’s Wilcox County buck is a clean, typical 12-point that only has 5 1/2 inches of deductions. It grossed 188 2/8 inches and netted 182 6/8 inches.

The much anticipated score from Wade Severson’s Wilcox County buck is in, and the main-frame 12-pointer grosses 188 2/8 inches and netted out at 182 6/8 inches, making it the No. 7 typical of all-time for Georgia.

“I’m stoked to say the least,” said Wade. “I can’t give enough thanks to my neighbor for the invitation and opportunity to harvest such an impressive buck.”

Wade lives in New Smyrna Beach, Fla. and after some scheduling conflicts finally made the trip to Wilcox County to hunt on an invite from his neighbor. The timing couldn’t have been better. He first took a super 10-point on Wednesday, Nov. 16.

“The rut was on fire all week,” he said.

Heading into the final Saturday morning hunt of the trip, it looked like Wade would just have to be satisfied with the big 10-point he had taken earlier in the week.

“I woke up that morning on the last day and got in the stand about 5:30,” he said. “At daylight, I saw some does and bucks chasing them. The rut was still going strong, but I didn’t see any bucks I wanted to take. At about 8:45, the guy I was hunting with said he was going back to his truck at 9. I told him I was probably going to sit about another 30 minutes before I headed home.

“At 9:20, I saw a doe run out at the opposite end of where I was hunting. On the opposite side, this big buck came in like a bull. He was grunting. I had never seen a buck like that my whole life. I was eat up with jitters. He was only about 75 yards away, and I am ashamed to say I shot and missed.

“He ran, and at about 85 to 90 yards he stopped. I missed again.”

A very rattled Wade knew he had to compose himself. As luck would have it, he would get something few hunters ever get—a third chance.

“He got out there about 120 to 125 yards and stopped again,” he said. “I took a deep breath and shot. It was a high shoulder shot, and he went down.”

Wade called his neighbor and told him that he had a really nice buck down. He went to the buck and saw that it had incredible mass and 12 points.

“It was a full-fledged 12 point with no kickers,” he said. “It was so impressive.”

Interestingly enough, this is the second giant buck from the 2022 season that we know about that came because of an invitation. Lindell Richey’s Greene County buck was recently officially scored at 193 7/8 non-typical inches. He told a GON reporter that he couldn’t take them back to the hunting property if he had to because he had no clue where he was other than in Greene County.


Wilcox County Best Bow Bucks Of All-Time

1182 6/8 Wade Severson2022WilcoxGunView 
2170 3/8 Scott Urquhart1981WilcoxGun
3189 1/8 (NT)Ronnie Wilcox1984WilcoxGun
4189 (NT)GA DNR2012WilcoxGun
5163 2/8 Danny Luke1987WilcoxGun
6163 1/8 Lynn Gordon1974WilcoxGun
7163 1/8 Roy Bloodworth1986WilcoxGun
8162 5/8 Scott McGuinty2007WilcoxGunView 
9160 7/8 Scott McGuinty2014WilcoxGunView 
10160 4/8 Matthew Stubbs2017WilcoxGunView 

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