Wilcox County Typical 12 Could Bust Booner

This main-frame 12-pointer is said to gross in the mid 180s.

Mike Bolton | December 7, 2022

Wade Severson’s Wilcox County buck is a clean, typical 12-point that doesn’t appear to have many deductions. It’s said to gross 184 inches.

Most of those who have taken monstrous bucks will tell you that doing your homework and patience are the keys. A much smaller number will admit that luck and timing were the secrets to their success.

Wade Severson says timing and a little luck led to him to taking a 12-point Wilcox County buck that could be headed for the Boone and Crockett record book.

“I live in New Smyrna Beach, Florida and a neighbor of mine there has some property up in Wilcox County,” he said. “He’s asked me to take some time and come hunting.

“I was trying to figure out when to go, and I was dodging all the storms. I finally decided to take some time off and just go up there.”

As it turned out, his timing couldn’t have been better. He first took a buck on Wednesday, Nov. 16.

“The rut was on fire all week,” he said. “On Wednesday, I took a super 10-point.”

Heading into the final Saturday morning hunt of the trip, it looked like Wade would just have to be satisfied with the big 10-point he had taken earlier in the week.

“I woke up that morning on the last day and got in the stand about 5:30,” he said. “At daylight, I saw some does and bucks chasing them. The rut was still going strong, but I didn’t see any bucks I wanted to take. At about 8:45, the guy I was hunting with said he was going back to his truck at 9. I told him I was probably going to sit about another 30 minutes before I headed home.

“At 9:20, I saw a doe run out at the opposite end of where I was hunting. On the opposite side, this big buck came in like a bull. He was grunting. I had never seen a buck like that my whole life. I was eat up with jitters. He was only about 75 yards away, and I am ashamed to say I shot and missed.

“He ran and at about 85 to 90 yards he stopped. I missed again.”

A very rattled Wade knew he had to compose himself. As luck would have it, he would get something few hunters ever get—a third chance.

“He got out there about 120 to 125 yards and stopped again,” he said. “I took a deep breath and shot. It was a high shoulder shot, and he went down.”

Wade called his neighbor and told him that he had a really nice buck down. He went to the buck and saw that it had incredible mass and 12 points.

“It was a full-fledged 12 point with no kickers,” he said. “It was so impressive.”

Wade must now await the required drying period before getting an official Boone & Crockett score, but he couldn’t stand not at least having a guess at it score.

“I got a Boone & Crockett score sheet and a tape and watched some videos of how to score one,” he said. “This buck had an incredible 30 inches of mass. The G2 tines to the G3 tines ranged from 9 2/8 inches to 10 4/8 inches. I came up with a green score of 184.”

Wade Severson’s Wilcox County buck has long tines and good mass.


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  1. Robert Taylor on December 8, 2022 at 1:11 pm

    Great Buck

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