Monster Slab Crappie From A Georgia Creek

A 3-lb., 3.5-oz. crappie was caught from a Taylor County creek near the Flint River.

GON Staff | October 5, 2005

The crappie Wayne Peterman of Butler pulled out of Patsiliga Creek on September 15 would be considered huge anywhere, but it’s a monster for a Taylor County creek. Wayne was fishing a crappie jig in the creek, which drains into the Flint River, and he was catching a few of the standard, hand-sized creek crappie.

“Most of the crappie you catch are about as big as your hand and weigh a half pound,” said Wayne.

This oneʼs a real slab! Wayne Peterman, of Butler, caught this 3-lb., 3.5-oz. black crappie from Patsiliga Creek in Taylor County.

Wayne was fishing with a Zebco 33 combo and using a curly-tail jig with a blue head and a chartreuse/metal-flake tail.

“That’s the only color of crappie jig I use,” he said. “It will catch any kind of fish — bass, crappie, bream, catfish, jackfish. I hardly even take a tackle box, I just use that one color of jig.”

When the big crappie hit, Wayne thought he was snagged.

“I thought I was hung in a tree top,” said Wayne. “Then my fishing partner said,

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