Georgia Considers New Shoal Bass Regs

GON Staff | March 8, 2024

Fisheries managers with Georgia DNR are considering new regulations for shoal bass fishing.

“Recent fisheries research, sampling efforts, and angler success have suggested Georgia’s rivers may benefit from updated regulations,” according to Georgia DNR’s Wildlife Resources Division (WRD).

To measure public interest and gather input, the WRD Fisheries Management Section developed a Shoal Bass Survey.

Based on the public input sought in the survey, the state is considering several adjustments to shoal bass regulations. One survey question asks whether you would support a statewide 15-inch minimum length limit for shoal bass. Another asks about support for a trophy shoal bass regulation on the lower Flint River between Lake Blackshear Dam and Lake Seminole, such as a protective slot limit restricting harvest of shoal bass 15 to 20 inches or an 18-inch minimum length.

DNR said, “This survey only takes a few minutes to complete and can help fisheries managers make informed decisions about future shoal bass harvest regulations. We appreciate your time and input!”

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