Chatham County Fishing Derby Draws 80 Kids

Reader Contributed | September 12, 2022

Here’s a photo to frame for the mantle! This young lady appears proud of a fish she caught at the Chatham County fishing event.

By Bryce Davidson

The Alee Angler Kids Fishing Derby in Savannah at Lake Mayer was a huge success! We had about 80 kids come out and fish with their families on Saturday morning, Sept. 10. The weather showed sunshine and no clouds.

We opened registration at 9 a.m. and had people already lined up ready to get going. We started fishing at 9:30 and fished until 12:30 p.m. We had three age groups: up to 5 years old, 6 to 10 years old and 11 to 16 years old. We were able to give each kid a giveaway prize donated to us from the Savannah Boat House and the Savannah Sport Fishing Club. There were 23 raffle items that were donated from local businesses and sponsors.

Overall, it was great seeing all these kids enjoy time with their families. Hearing a kid scream they had a fish on the line and then watching all the younger kids run over to see what they had was so enjoyable. Watching families have fun, have smiles and make memories is what the goal of this tournament was.

As a fishing club, we want to encourage and show kids our passion for fishing and hopefully give each of them the same passion. Being a Shriner, we want to help children and make a child smile. At the end of this tournament, I honored to be a Shriner and felt like we had made a lot of memories that will last a lifetime. Everyone at the Derby is excited for next year and looking forward to it.

The Alee Anglers will tell you they can’t host an annual kids’ fishing event without the help of local sponsors.


About 80 kids showed up to fish the Alee Anglers kids’ fishing event at Lake Mayer in Savannah.


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