Lake Jackson Fishing Report January 2012

GON Staff | December 29, 2011

Jackson: Level: 4.5 feet below full pool. Temp: 45-49 degrees. Clarity: Clear.

Bass: Eric Perkins said, “Fishing has been good here lately, and I think it will continue as long as the mild temps stay with us. There hasn’t been enough cold weather yet to keep the majority of the fish out deep. We’re catching a ton of fish right now on brown Net Boy Baits finesse jigs using a green-pumpkin Tater Bug by Wackem Crazy Baits as a trailer. Fish can be caught on the deeper, chunk-rock banks about anywhere on the lake right now. Throw it right on the bank, and work it back. Big spots are showing up in numbers also. We’re also cranking a wide variety of crankbaits and the Spro Aruku Shad in a shad pattern is hard to beat. Shad Raps in natural shad and Bandit 200s and 300s in any shad pattern have been good due to the clearer-than-average water. January will be hit and miss depending on the weather. If these temps carry on, fishing will be about the same. If it turns off real cold, look for deeper fish out off the drops, main-lake points and deeper channel bends. These fish can be caught on the Wackem Crazy Baits Trick Stick on a jig head, a jigging spoon and a Lil’ George. A Fish Head Spin is also hard to beat on the deeper suspended fish. With the lower-than-average water, the fishing will be good on into January.”

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