Lake Jackson Fishing Report February 2011

GON Staff | January 25, 2011

Jackson: Level: 2.9 feet below full pool. Temp: 43 to 48 degrees. Clarity: Light stain.

Fair. Aaron Batson reports, “Bass can be hit or miss — just depends on the weather. A few warm, sunny days in a row will increase the bite for sure. Slow-moving baits like a Net Boy Baits Football jig or Screw Ball-head worm will work well. Stick with natural colors like greens, blacks and browns. Dip the bait in JJ’s Magic to increase the number of bites. Later in the month when water temps begin to get and stay near 50, the bite will get much better. Then try faster-moving baits like a Bandit or Bomber crankbait on hard-bottom banks. Also target wood structure with a slow-rolled 1/2-oz. Ol Nelle spinnerbait with a chartreuse skirt. The ends of docks and blowdowns will hold some big females.”

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