Georgia Saltwater Fishing Report – February 2007

GON Staff | January 30, 2007


Inshore: Excellent for redfish, tough for trout. “This is the weather we have been needing to get these reds bunched up,” said Capt. Greg Hildreth. “While the trout fishing has slowed down a bit, the sight fishing for the reds is really getting good. I have been seeing large schools — 50 to 100 fish — on the lower stage of the tide in the past few weeks, and this fishing should not slow down until late May. I’ve been catching the over-sized reds on topwater baits like the Bite-A-Bait floater in the Parrot color. I’ve also been doing very well with the fly rod. My clients have been using 8-weight outfits and using a variety of flies such as the clouser minnows and deceivers,” Capt. Hildreth said.

Offshore: This winter along the coast has seen mild weather, compared to most, and that has meant that bottom fishing on the Savannah Snapper Banks has continued, with good catches reported. Also, trips to the Gulf Stream in the past several weeks have produced a variety of high-profile species, including blue marlin, quite a few sailfish that have been reported in small schools, and schools of tuna at the south ledge. Dolphin have also been reported at the south ledge.

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