Spy-Cam – September 2018

Reader Contributed | September 8, 2018

Email your pics to [email protected]. Please include your name, GON subscriber number, hometown, county where the picture was taken, date, time and any interesting details for a caption.

Picture Perfect: GON member Charles Lucas, of Pendergrass, caught some trail-camera magic as storm clouds painted a beautiful backdrop to these Warren County deer. “This image was captured on May 16 on my hunting lease in Warren County,” said Charles. “It is one of the best trail-cam pictures I have seen. It almost looks like a painting. Wanted to share it with the GON nation.” Thank you, Charles.


Good Kitty, The Snake Catcher: We’d like to borrow this Laurens County bobcat. Carlene Dornbush, of Dublin, sent this screen shot from a trail-camera video. “First time I’ve seen a bobcat with a snake. Kitty was caught a few days earlier with a large skink, so maybe her den is nearby,” Carlene said. “I have several trail-cam videos last year of a timber rattler in the area, and we picked up a female diamondback in a cow field a few acres away. ”


Loving That Summertime Protein: It’s been a parade of nice bucks coming to the supplemental feed at Jeremy Crabtree’s trough feeder in Burke County this summer. This picture was taken just after midnight on July 14. Jeremy said he’s feeding Buck Muscle.


Dang Yotes: GON member Tony Rogers, of Dalton, got this picture of a coyote carrying the leg of a fawn. “Probably a mother coyote carrying it to a den to feed her young pups,” said Tony. The picture taken July 26 in Chattooga County.

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