Spy Cam – October 2019

Reader Contributed | September 25, 2019

E-mail your pics to [email protected]. Please include your name, GON subscriber number, hometown, county where the picture was taken, date, time and any interesting details for a caption. 

Buck In The Background: This image is more like a work of art than a trail-camera photo. Paul Stein, of LaGrange, got this shot in Troup County on Sept. 15. Paul added, “I’ve been a GON subscriber for years. Love your mag.”


Coming In! This action shot of a nice buck jumping a fence to get to a feeder was captured in Dooly County. Shawn Zike, of Acworth, submitted the photo. Fences to keep the hogs out are popular on properties where the pigs are an issue.


The Hunting Grounds: Coons love feeders, and apparently snakes love all that action around them, too. Gordon McFarland, of Eatonton, got this picture in Hancock County on July 27 at 7:17 p.m. “Poor raccoon not only has to compete with the deer for corn, but now he has to watch out for rattlers! He doesn’t look too happy about it,” Gordon said.


Careful Where You Land At Fly Down: This Macon County coyote strolled by the trail camera with what looks like a turkey in its mouth. Jim Hardee’s camera got this image at 7:07 a.m. the morning of April 6.

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