Spy-Cam – July 2019

Reader Contributed | July 1, 2019

Email your pics to [email protected]. Please include your name, GON subscriber number, hometown, county where the picture was taken, date, time and any interesting details for a caption.

How To Win ‘Most Popular Hog’ Superlative: Learn how to remove the bottom cap on the feeder and let the corn spill out! GON member Steven Dusterdieck, of Patterson, got these pics in Pierce County.


A Clearcut Monarch: This picture was taken last September on a small lease in Hancock County that’s been clearcut. Thank you to Dr. Spy Geneos, of Dacula, for sending the picture. No word if the big buck was killed last season.


OK Experts, ID This One: Michael Simmons, of Guyton, found some new rubs, so he put out a camera. “I was shocked to find this. Guess you never know what might be out there. Please let me know what you think it is.” Barbary sheep? Someone have a high fence nearby?


Tranquility In The Summer Deer Woods: While most pictures show deer and raccoons at war with each other, this Pike County doe seems to have made peace—bedded down without a care. GON member Michael Lyle, of Meansville, got this image last July 28 at 9:43 a.m.

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