Spy Cam – January 2016

Reader Contributed | January 10, 2016

Send your pics to [email protected]. Include your name, GON subscriber number, hometown, county where the picture was taken, date, time and any interesting details for a caption.

Crisp County Bear—A Big One! GON Hunt Advisor Jodi Manders said a bear suddenly showed up on their trail cams the night of Oct. 26, when they got more than 20 pictures. “He seems rather large to me,” Jodi said. “Makes you wonder about those strange noises you hear in the dark when walking to and from stands. YIKES!”


When 4 Points On A Side Doesn’t Tell The Whole Story: Yeah, this buck might meet the definition of a club’s quality-buck regs, and the rack sure has character! Rob Herman sent the picture taken in Upson County.


A Doe In His Sights: Here’s a great Spy-Cam pic of a buck staring down a doe, with a view of the doe between the buck’s rack. Tim Starling got the pic in Jenkins County.


WHOA! GON Sticker! Think this buck was startled to see a GON decal on this Baldwin County feeder, or just excited? Thanks to David Black for sending this great Spy-Cam pic that’s also a Where’s GON. “The deer is on his hind legs so he can see the GON logo better,” David said.

A Creek Full Of Woodies: If you’re a duck hunter, you can understand why there would be extreme interest in what’s swimming in this creek. GON member Cory Rhodes, of Augusta, got this picture on Nov. 4, 2014 in Wilkes County. “I had the camera on a tree facing the creek where persimmons were dropping in the creek,” Cory said. “Looks like the doe and the hen wood duck were having a stare off.”

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